My Real Estate career dates back to the late 70’s selling a small beachfront timeshare motel conversion. I was raised just a few properties away, on the same island, in my parents motel. My background in the hospitality industry served me well as I was a true believer in vacations and owning them made sense.  The hard manipulation and enticement selling tactics used was not for me. There had to be a better way!  I was committed to find a developer with a better sense of purpose.

Fast forward….Eventually I transitioned, with the industry, to whole ownership mixed use lifestyle resort ownership. I was fortunate over the years to be associated with the most notable hospitality and residential developers in the world. Organizations that placed a value on the guest experience, workplace environment and associate development. I studied the best and worst practices in the field and tried different techniques as I moved from sales to site and regional leadership roles.

In the early 90’s I was introduced to Gallup’s leadership training of strengths and weaknesses. I focused on the value of associate retention and development. Over the next few years a business model was created named Success by Design and I founded PIVOT, Inc..  PIVOT’s emphasis was on Integrated Marketing, Sales Development and Sales Management Development…Success by Design. We worked closely with hospitality and residential development groups throughout North America and the Caribbean creating award winning teams.

This site outlines, what I found to be, the basic foundation needed for Sales and Marketing teams to be successful with sustainable growth in residential and second home communities.

The last tab on this site is a contact form – I would love to hear from you.  As for me I am still actively working with no plans of retiring from the industry I love.