The Workplace

I have a vision of a society made up of fulfilled self-motivated citizens … people with zeal to serve others … people with dignity who walk tall, knowing they are valuable and because they know they are valuable, they value others. These living and responsible partners, parents, leaders and citizens have tasted for themselves the joy of success, and have a passion to grow and go on growing, developing, discovering, to become completely the people they have the potential to become.

In the workplace, employees have been selected according to their strengths, to do those jobs where they can use and grow their unique talents. Workers wake enthusiastic to go to work, many arrive very early, and as they come into the workplace, smiling colleagues greet them by name. The walls of the building are covered with symbols of recognition … photographs, certificates and trophies that shout and celebrate human success. As you move around the building, something is in the air, the excitement, the care, the passion to serve others; these things are real and tangible.

In this workplace leaders are men and women of dignity and courage; people with a passion to impact the world for good. These are visionaries who daily inspire and motivate their people, touching their values as they paint the pictures of the future they are working together to achieve. These leaders create power by giving it away, and they live out their relationship in service of others. That’s great, we expected you to do that well … these are phrases that are heard daily. These leaders care about their people, and they know that happy workers are productive workers.

As workers go home to their families, they are energized and excited by the day they have spent in the workplace. For these people achieve more than was ever thought possible. The achievements, of these people, fill the cup of success so that it flows out of the workplace and touches home, family, friends and community. The philosophy which has penetrated every corner of their workplace has touched every part of their lives, so their lives become a building of success for the benefit of others.

~ Bob DeBellis ~