The Workplace

I have a vision of a society made up of fulfilled self-motivated citizens…people with zeal to serve others…people with dignity who walk tall and value others. They have a passion to grow and go on growing, developing and discovering to become completely all they have the potential to become. 

Associates wake enthusiastic to go to work, many arrive early and as they come into the workplace, smiling colleagues greet them by name. The walls of the building are covered with symbols of recognition, photographs, certificates and trophies that celebrate their achievements; these things are real and tangible. 

In the workplace leaders are men and women of dignity; people with a passion to impact the world for good. They are visionaries, with values, who daily inspire and motivate as they paint the picture of the future they are working together to achieve.

These leaders create power by giving it away and they live out their relationship in service of others. Associates are energized and excited by the day they have spent in the workplace. The philosophy of their workplace has touched every part of their lives, so their lives become a building of success for the benefit of others. 

~ Bob DeBellis ~